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Hand Sanitizer Vending Machine from Vending Machines Australia


hand sanitiser vending machine


As a result of the outbreak of COVID-19, individuals and families are advised to remain safe.


hand sanitiser vending machines
Businesses also have a duty to protect employees.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and medical professionals advise everybody to wash their hands with soap and water frequently.

Also, they can apply alcohol-based hand sanitizers to curb the spread of the virus.

Washing hands regularly and rubbing alcohol-based hand sanitizers will help to kill any virus on your hands, keep you safe, prevent the virus from spreading.
Try not to touch your Face, Eyes & Nose.

What’s more, companies and public places now provide sanitizers, but they are not as BIG as ours!... though, refilling these sanitizers or soap bottles is NOT usually a big concern.

To refill the bottle, you will have to touch it.
But if you Sanitise and clean the bottle regularly it will not pose any threat to you... it is like other surfaces... keep them sanitised!

To solve this challenge, Vending Machines Australia and our partners developed a commercial size sanitiser vending machine that can dispense alcohol hand sanitiser.
It can aslo REFILL empty hand sanitiser bottles... keeping our environment safe as well !


About the Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Refill Station Vending Machine.

We have developed a Commercial size Vending Machine that is reliable, quality, solid well designed and we are well-experienced vending service providers based in Newcastle, Australia.

We specialize in everything in Vending and building custom smart software enabled vending machines.

By using state-of-the-art technology and innovative techniques, our dedicated team of qualified vending techs and engineers were able to develop this coronavirus Australia hand sanitizer dispence / refill vending machine.


The sanitiser vending machine was developed to ease the process of dispensing hand gel and curb the spread of the COVID-19.
This hand sanitizer dispenser has a holding capacity of about 140 litres of hand sanitiser, ready to suit all sizes of bottles.
Upon restocking the machine, it is sanitized... NO Human hands to contaminate.
The vending machine uses to dispense HOSPITAL GRADE Australian Govt Approved 80% Alcohol sanitiser liquid.


 Hospital Grade Hand Sanitiser Gel - Alcohol Bassed

* Hospital Grade 80% Alcohol + 0.125% Hydrogen Peroxide Solution
* Antibacterial water less hand sanitising lquid gel
* Fast drying and non-sticky formula
* Does not contain any colours, fragrances or emollients
* Orders for this product will be shipped within 3-4 days
* Medical facilities may request urgent fast-tracking of orders
* Only one shipment of this product has been secured at this stage, due to the increasing shortage of some hand sanitiser ingredients in Australia
* This product has been produced to comply with the requirements of the recently enacted Therapeutic Goods (Excluded Goods - Hand Sanitisers) Determination 2020.


In addition, businesses can set up all types of vending machines, PPE machines including face mask vending machine with software to be able to dispense one free hand sanitiser for each person daily.

This hand sanitizer vending machine from Vending Machines Australia is a Australia's 1st and remains the perfect solution for corporate organizations with large workforce and public places, including airports, educational institutions, railway stations, supermarkets,shopping centres, police stations, parks, hospitals, offices, factories, and Corrective services.

How Does the Coronavirus Australia Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Refill Vending Machine Work?

The hand sanitizer vending machine is completely unattended & fully automated. It can be a FREE vend or Cashless payment.
Our machine provides a very easy and safer way to protect against virus infections and maintain basic personal hygiene.
Hospital Grade Sanitiser using 80% Alcohol Individuals can activate the vending machine through their mobile device, credit card, staff RFID card, or QR code.


Our software engineers partners at Vending Machines Australia can also design other custom requirements and Vending machines to activate many other types of the contact less formats including p2 face mask vending machine,surgical gloves, gowns, safety glasses and much more.

With our hand sanitizer refill dispenser vending machines, residents and businesses in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, Darwin, Melbourne, and other cities across Australia can now have seamless, round-the-clock access to hand sanitizers and several other personal hygiene products.
This will help keep them safe all the time. On demand 24 hrs a day -7 days a week

Need a Hospital Grade 80% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Refill Dispensing Vending Machine?

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In case you are searching for a hand sanitizer refill vending machine or other types vending machine for your business to keep employees and their visitors safe, contact us today at Vending Machines Australia.
We specialize in building custom smart vending machines for Australian businesses and brands.

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Above all, we offer quality, affordable, and highly reliable smart vending machines.
Our software engineers can build custom face mask, PPE, Medical vending machine solutions that meet your budget and unique needs.
Our commercial size Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Refill Vending Machines remain the ideal way to keep everyone safe.


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