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Cashless Payment Systems and Pay-By-Phone


Cashless Payments systems and Pay-by-Phone apps are the latest advancements changing the vending machine industry.

cashless payment system

Cashless Payments ~ Pay-by-Phone... Easy!

VendCoin AppMajority of people and your Vending Customers find themselves turning towards their credit cards or mobile phone payments.
Twenty one percent of people ages 23 – 54 use cash in their day-to-day that leave 79 percent of all transactions are cashless payments.
More people are gaining confidence in cashless payment systems due to the ability to make payments quickly.
Also pay-by-phone apps in Vending machines has just started in Australia and smart customers are using it... including Vending Operators.

Technology advancements is now allowing people to pay by swiping a card or using their mobile phone, so the demand for innovation in basic services has increased.
Vending machines of all kinds and micro markets are offering more ways to pay for items.
Mobile pay and smartphone apps like VendCoin allow customers to prepay an account (VendCoin App) so funds are always on file for easy vending machine payment transactions.

cashless payment with card phones

A study conducted by Harris Interactive, a market research company, found that 66 percent of Americans believe smartphone payments will eventually replace credit card payments; 61 percent say the same for cash.
Security is one of the biggest factors discouraging some consumers from making the switch to mobile payment.

Using credit cards or a mobile payment option at a vending machine can be new for some users, but it doesn’t have to compromise security.
At Vending Machines Australia our partner VendCoin & Vending on Track we assure PCI compliant equipment and payment systems that keep your information safe.
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Cashless Payment Systems for Cashless Vending Machines in Australia