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Sanitiser Refill Station

Australia's First Cashless Hand Sanitiser Vending Machine Refill Station


Hand Sanitiser Liquid Refilled by a Vending Machine


sanitiser refill stations - ready for cashless vending


Sanitiser Refill Station - Australia's First Cashless Hand Sanitiser Vending Machine Refill Station



Our vending machines are commercial hand sanitiser dispensers and a Hand Sanitiser supplier all rolled into one neat package .
All from a vending machine.
You could really say.. They are a " Large Hand Sanitiser "



The Sanitiser Refill Station has the ability to take payment by debit or credit card, including 2nd generation cashless technology: Pay-by-Mobile-Phone.



Sanitiser Refills from our machines are available... day or night... 24/7... 365 days a year




coronavirus covid 19 help STOP the spread

- Refills in 50ml~100ml~250ml-500ml
- Hospital Grade 80% Alcohol based sanistiser is dispenced,quickly and efficiently.
- Sanitiser is good way to stop viruses- even the Corona COVID 19 virus.
- Hand Sanitiser supplier vending machine.
- It is a totally new concept for Australia.
- Refilling your Sanitiser Bottles is environmentally friendly !
- No more waste of Plastic sanitiser bottles.
- Refill instead... save the planet ~ our earth on Landfill and our Oceans !


cashless payment to vending machine

Cashless payments + full remote monitoring, enables the Sanitiser Refill Vending Machine, to be remotely monitored for stock levels, sales and inventory control to enable and advise of stock refills whenever required, notified to owner by SMS or email

The Sanitiser Refill Station Vending Machine uses the latest in cashless payment technology for cashless vending solutions:

No money is kept in the machine, nor does it take CASH payment or keep cash.

Thus ensuring no payment issues that are normally associated with vending machines.
No issues with the vending machine 99.9% Uptime

90 % of ALL vending machine problems... of not delivering a product are usually because of the Coin or Note Payment Systems -paly up, need servicing continually, coins not being recognized, jammed or even incorrect or NO Change given back.

This is very annoying... isfrustrating to customers and creates distrust of the sited vending machine.


Cashless payment solutions build trust and delivers product. This increases sales.


Cash has been shown to harbor diseases and bad bacteria.

Want to have commercial hand sanitiser dispensers in your Hospital, Shopping Centre, University or corporate business, Stadiums?


Apply online today Click Here


Our hand sanitiser refill station vending machine can also be set-up just like a PPE vending machine.. so all usage can be stored to advise which staff member & how much sanitiser received with a monthly report given... as OH&S data compliance of required ...ASK US


Our sanitiser refill station vending machine has a 42" HDTV screen fitted to enable MESSAGES & ADVERTISEMENTS to be displayed.
If you require messages by the Govt Health Dept or OH&S needed to advise staff or visitors our sanitiser vending machine can deliver this also.
Paid advertising options are also available.

If you,your business or you know of a business / corporate that would like a Hand Sanitiser Refill Vending Machine please contact us



As seen on NBN News

sanitiser refill station - as seen on NBN News


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