Money Maker - Snack Vending Machine

A good money maker is a snack vending machine.
You will almost always find a snack vending machine in offices, factories, hospitals, airports and other places where you are likely to have a high number of people.
People frequenting these places are usually on the lookout for a quick, easy convenient snack.

Your snack vending machine can offer a large variety of snacks, such a chocolate, chips, nuts and lollies.
These items have a long shelf life and won’t perish quickly.
You are able to alternate the snacks on offer so you can offer more variety or replace the items that are not popular.

Snack vending machines accept coins and notes and some even accept credit cards, so this makes them much more convenient for the consumer.
And they require very little maintenance, just refilling every week or two depending on the traffic it receives.


Snack Vending Machines for Workplaces



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