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Easily Access PPE Equipment

Vending machines are a part of everyday life. We are able to purchase drinks, snacks, coffee and cigarettes from these machines.
In the manufacturing industry vending machines they have become popular for giving employees access to personal protective equipment (PPE).
Employees are able to easily access PPE equipment such as gloves, hard hats, masks and many other items from a PPE vending machine.

The distribution of the PPE items is carefully controlled. 
Staff using PPE from PPE vending machines tend to be more careful about their selection of PPE items and will be more likely to reuse equipment where possible.
This gives a significant cost saving to the company.

Companies can control which PPE items are available for employee use cutting down on wastage.
The company can also track the use of equipment acquired through the PPE vending machine.

You are able to connect directly to the internet with the PPE vending machine, so that when an item reaches a certain minimum level, a restocking request is automatically transmitted to the supplier.
This means that the unit is always stocked, creating better and more efficient inventory management procedures.
PPE vending machines can create reports on the use of equipment which then allows management to create an efficient inventory system.

In today’s economy where cost savings are important to a business the use of a PPE vending machine should be taken up as it reduces waste, time loss and provides easy access to important items to their employees.


Free PPE Vending Machines for Businesses