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Reliable Vending Machines are now available for workplaces large and small throughout most areas of Australia.
If you are after a Vending Machine of any type for your workplace, you have come to the right vending website.

We can supply a free vending machine, so if you need a new vending service for your workplace Vending Machines Australia has a huge range of vending machines, installed & at no cost or obligation to your workplace.

 Free vending machines for workplaces businesses

We can arrange it all for you... to "Get a Freee vending machine for your workplace"
We can supply vending machines anywhere in Australia.

Whether its Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Sydney - our teams of vending operators across Australia will provide your workplace site with a regular refill and reliable vending service.
Your site's vending machine at your work place can be upgraded to a larger machine if required.
Your site / workplace can also have a wide range of vending machines subject to staffing numbers... we couldn't justify 10 x vending machines for a work site of 20 staff.

The vending machine will come with the ability to
1. Take Coins and Give Change
2. Take Notes
3. Take Credit/Debit card Payments
4. The ability to be able to monitor your site to ensure your machine is never empty.

We have been involved the work place vending machine site business for over 14 years here in Australia.
We have over 100 Years collective knowledge on vending machines.

So we do know whats good in vending:
Your staff at your workplace site, get together and decide on what Products they want and need to go in the vending machine.
Its your site's right to always have a choice!

The types of Free Vending Machine available :

Drink Vending Machine : Drinks in cans and bottles for a Large work place up to 680 drinks

Snack Vending Machine : Snacks in various packs & foil bags for a Large work place up to 560 snacks

Combination Vending Machine : Drinks & Snacks in one machine.. Most chosen machine for Medium size workplaces Has Drinks - cans & bottles , various Snacks Total 300-450 products

Frozen Drinks Vending Machine : Frozen Energy/Protein/Smoothies/ Re hydration Drinks - Medium to Large workplaces 250 drink Products

Frozen Food Vending Machine : Frozen Microwavable Meals / Snacks for a LARGE work place 300-350 meals

Coffee Vending Machine : Hot Coffee, Chocolate Soup Chai Latte Small to Large work place site 500 drinks

PPE Vending Machine : Personal Protective Equipment Monitors your work place for Protective work site products dispensed Small, Medium & Large sites total 300 500 products

Ice Vending Machine : Ice in cubes & purified water for recreational site and workplaces with 200- 500 bags per day

Toiletries Vending Machine : for workplace toilets small to large site with up to 50 products


ANY Enquiries or Questions we would be more than Happy to Answer!

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Vending Machines Australia can supply a free vending machine, "so if you need a new vending service for your workplace?"
We offer your workplace the complimentary delivery, installation and ongoing service of vending machines.



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