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Which Vending Machine For Which Location

Different types of vending machines are better suited to different locations.


Due to the fact that there is a demand for coffee regardless of the weather, then having a coffee vending machine is a very good investment.
Most people realize that placing a coffee machine just outside restrooms or in the lounge of a hotel ensures regular sales.
However realise the business potential of placing one in the lobby of a large residential complex or of a multi-storied building where you have offices, commercial outlets and private residences.With the amount of people visiting and or working there quite a few of them would appreciate a steaming cup of coffee.


Depending upon your location, you may also want to install a snack vending machine.


If you are placing your vending machine in an educational establishment, a combo machine would be your preferred option.
Teachers and students alike need snacks and refreshments.
A coffee machine which also dispenses hot chocolate would also be ideal for an educational establishment.


Your location will dictate the product mix which will make you the maximum returns.
For example, if you are placing it in or near a gym, you should stock only healthy snack and/or drink options.
Energy drinks, fruit juices, energy bars or slices, vegetable juices, yogurt and trail mixes would be some of the preferred options.


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