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Vending Machines Australia can supply Melbourne with vending machines of many types.
TOTALLY FREE supply and service of a Vending Machine. The very best vending machines for your work place in Melbourne.

It’s never been so easy for workplaces to enjoy the very best in Melbourne Vending Machines.

Our experience and advice to our customers has made us the #1 Australian vending machine supplier.

Thousands of Australian businesses enjoy using Vending Machines Australia as a vending machine supplier.
The vending owner operators that are affiliated with us, all want to serve and provide vending machines to your Business/workplace. For Free and No Cost to you!

We can supply Melbourne with vending machines of many types.
TOTALLY FREE supply and service of a Vending Machine in Melbourne. FREE vending machines to your work place in Melbourne.

You too can take advantage of our HUGE range of vending machines. All Types and sizes.
Our affiliated vending operators are ALL committed to your customer support, with high quality vending machines supplied, with their large range of the Good, the Bad and the real Healthy Foods, Icy, hot/cold snacks/drinks to tantalize your taste-buds.

Our larger affiliated Melbourne vending companies have even larger amount and types of vending machines Combination, food, frozen drinks, coffee, cigarettes, icy drinks, PPE, snacks, energy drinks, protein shakes, you can just about name it... they will have it or get it... with service vans, trucks and friendly staff members to replenish your vending machine with your CHOICES!.
So the service you receive is professional.
Vending Machines supplied to large Melbourne sites and workplaces, have Remote monitoring so they see when your vending machine needs restocking!
Some are X Franchise owners, some are current Franchisees owners who know the importance of Customer service and have been thoroughly trained in all aspects of Vending... even with up to date Insurances to $20 Million.


We encourage you to ask us about getting our free vending machine offer that thousands of Australian businesses enjoy.
Whats great for a Business, is having a high quality vending machine... available to use... any time you want! Day or Night!


All Vending Machine types and models can come equipped with the following features: Your Choice!

Note Reader accept $5,$10,$20
Credit card / Debit Card reader (includes tap n go,pay wave)
Coin Change Giver Acceptor ( Coin Mech) most with no coin jam features
Large capacity Vending machines... LOTS of Products Choices!
LED Lighting for product enhancement and lower energy costs.
Sleek , modern designs or Customized to suit your decor!
Extra durable LIVE glass SEE THRU display with Double Vacuum Safety Glass, ensures better insulation and compressor has less running times.
Vending machines nowadays are equipped with some custom designed parts like having Variable payment acceptance built in we chat,Apple Pay, having advertising screen, remote monitoring, German built compressors, denser insulation, making it energy efficient which ensures longevity.
A sustainable vending machine company requires reliable vend machines to provide the most trouble free and the best for you.


Your staff and customers will really enjoy having a tasty snack to eat, or a icy cold refreshing frozen drink from one of our frozen drink vending systems.
We only have vending affiliates using the best vending equipment for reliability, as this is one of the most important things a Melbourne business needs.
Vending machine models & brands are numerous and all late model vending machines are state of the art, energy efficient, and packed full of features.


When choosing us to organize your vending machine, you’ll be enjoying the convenience of offering snacks, food and drinks to your staff & customers.
Our Melbourne Vending Machine offer is as simple as 1..2..3.. for you as possible.

1. You only need to fill in our form or call us.

2.We have someone call, make a time to see you.... work out with you when and where to place your new vending machine and the Products you choose!

3. We can offer you a complete vending machine service, which includes delivery, installation and even refilling of the vending machines for you. Daily or weekly.

Vending Machines Australia can offer the FREE vending machine services to Melbourne and surrounding areas Dandenong | Geelong | Melton – Click Here to view all Victoria suburbs we can service.


We encourage you to contact us either by phone or email.
Our friendly and experienced vending team can eagerly discuss your vending machine options and work with you... to get your Free Vending Machine.

Vending Machines Australia is highly knowledgeable about this industry and are more than happy to have a chat with you to better educate yourself about this process.

Vending Machines Australia has been able to provide vending machines to Melbourne offices and workplaces but also to schools, hospitals and government sectors.
Most of these Melbourne establishments do & usually require healthy vending options and we have provided healthy vending options.


If you are interested in learning more about Getting a Free vending machine in Melbourne... give us a call.



It’s never been so easy for a MELBOURNE workplace to enjoy the very best Free offer for a Melbourne Vending Machine.



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