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Vending Machine for Free


A vending machines can be supplied FREE in all SIZES, Types and Styles.

Q1: Vending Machines for Free!
A1: NONE ! ! !

Q2: What's the Catch?
A2: NONE ! ! !

You have come to the right website to
request your Free Vending machine here.

Vending machines that can deliver ALL types of products:

  • Drink vending machine
  • Snack vending machine
  • Combination Vending Machine
  • Frozen drink vending machine
  • Cigarette Vending Machine
  • Coffee Vending Machine
  • ATM Cash Machine
  • ICE vending Machine
  • Water Vending Machine
  • Medical Vending Machine
  • PPE Vending Machine
  • Toiletries Vending Machine
  • Tanning Vending Machine
  • Protein Shake Vending Machine
  • GYM Vending Machine
  • Smoothie Vending Machine
  • Healthy Vending Machine
  • CUSTOM Vending Machine

ALL for free!

Vending Machines FREE by Vending Machines
Your one STOP Vending Spot!

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Vending machines for FREE is for work places, work sites, offices, hospitals, factories, name it & if your site wants it...
All over Australia... well... then we can organize it for you.


Vending Machines of ALL TYPES & SIZES... Large or Small... we can do it All!

Its as EASY as 1.. 2.. 3..

1. You only need to fill in Our Vending Machine Inquiry Form or Call Us
2. Our Vending Operator will call, make a time to see you... work out with you... when and where to place your new vending machine and the Right Products... you get to choose.!
3. We can offer you a complete vending machine service, which includes supply of a:

FREE Vending machine
FREE Delivery
FREE installation
FREE reliable refilling
FREE Insurance / Public & Product Liability of the vending machine for you
FREE Vending machine repairs and maintenance
FREE Vending machine services Daily or Weekly

Vending Machine FREE is a NO strings attached OFFER.

Vending Machines Australia can offer a FREE vending machine to ALL major capital cities.

Free Vending Machine Request here.

Your staff and customers will really enjoy having a tasty snack to eat, or a icy cold refreshing frozen drink from one of our frozen drink vending machines.
We only have vending affiliates using the best vending machines, up to date equipment for reliability, as this is one of the most important things any vending machine business needs.

Vending machine models & brands are VAST & Numerous and all late model vending machines are state of the art, energy efficient, and packed full of features.
- Vending Machines Can now Take Credit card payments
- Have advertising with OFFERS and Specials
- Vending remote monitoring availability
- Up to date with the latest Vending Products we can bring and offer your business with



Vending machines for free supply!
FREE vending Machines by Vending Machines Australia



It’s never been so easy for a workplace in Australia to enjoy the very best in having a Vending Machine for FREE.



Vending Machines for Free