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The Evolution of Coffee Vending Machines

The vending machine industry is constantly evolving, not the least when it comes to coffee vending machines. The coffee vending machine made its first appearance in the 1940s.

Since those early days the coffee vending machine has made great leaps in its evolution.
It started as a simple box like machine with pre-portioned plastic cups.
The customer would pull a handle for the delivery of a hot yet most times not so good cup of coffee.
These simple coffee machines stayed around for quite some time.

The next generation of coffee vending machines would hold freeze dried coffee, tea or cocoa and powdered milk, depending on your choice the selected ingredients were mixed within the coffee machine with hot water and a hot drink would be dispensed to the buyer. 
Although an improvement on the technology the taste of these hot beverages was still inferior.

Next came the coffee vending machine which we all know today.
Fresh coffee beans in the machine provide better quality coffee, you now have the choice of not only plain coffee but also specialised coffees which were usually only found in cafes such as cappuccinos, lattes, mochas.
The beans are freshly ground inside the machine as they are needed.
These coffee vending machines are popular in offices worldwide, offering employees a perfect cup of coffee that they would otherwise have needed to go to a cafe for.


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