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Wanting to rent a vending machine?
Vending Machines Australia can provide you with the information and advice you will need on Renting or Leasing Vending Machines.


So you are considering to RENT a Vending Machine?

Business owners in Australia are looking to Rent a Vending Machine for their staff and customers and manage the vending machine(s) within their business to take 100% of profits - Smart move... YES and NO.
Vending Machines Australia now offers Rent to Buy, leasing or rental agreements as an option from Buying outright a new vending machine.
Also you can consider a reconditioned snack, drink, combo or frozen drink vending machine from Vending Machines Australia.

Rent a Vending Machine can make sense... we hope the information for you here is helpful.


Vending Machine Supplied Installed and Serviced

The Rent of or Leasing your vending machine/s will allow your business to make or take advantages:

1. Tax Advantages - Each rental payment may be claimed against your business expenses
2. 100% Finance Available
3. No Deposit Required
4. Rent a Vending Machine for 24 to 60 Month.
5. Rent Terms Short or Longer tailor made to your Budget if needed.
6. Quick Approval Process
7. Your Choice of Vending Machines their types... Drink, Snack, Coffee, PPE, Frozen Drinks, Frozen Meals etc
8. Your Choice on Vending Machine Brands... Machines made America, Italy, Spain, China, Korea.


So many types of Vending Machines to RENT! The choice is yours!

Management of your Business Capital is paramount in today's economy.
Every dollar can count. Making your Staff and Customers HAPPY is also crucial.
To find out more about our Rent/Lease/Buy leasing and rental packages in more detail please complete our fast response form or Call us today... don't Delay!



Paying Rent on a vending machine is not DEAD MONEY?

Renting enables your business to break down the purchase price of a $5K to $9K vending machine... into small monthly payments.
Your monthly payments could even cover the cost of the Rental.
Your vending machine that you rent can make a PROFIT!
Making a little business investment on the side by renting the vending machines and making additional cash.
Instead of investing the business cash on a depreciating asset your company can use the extra cash to increase profits and staff - customer satisfaction.



A large factor that a majority of companies will rent / lease rather than a purchase vending machine is because leasing can enable your business to decrease its tax component.
A Business can claim 100% of the monthly rental payment for the vending machine lease against its taxable revenue.

Each payment is listed as a direct operating expense, rather than a debt or outstanding liability and thus can reduce the short term taxable income of the business.
We are NOT TAX experts so we recommend you chat to your accountant to verify if you... Rent or Lease a vending machine is beneficial for your business.



Vending Machines Australia can arrange and facilitate the rental / leasing agreement with yourself and lending leasing partners.
We co-ordinate for you... from start to finish.
Leasing is a rental agreement, Ownership Title of the vending machine remains with the Lessor (its The Company that lends money on your Rental) which means the vending machine not appear on your business balance sheet.
At the end of the rental period the agreement will contain a small 1x time payment which you make to then secure the ownership of the vending machine you rented.


It can make sense... if you know nothing about a Vending Machine... Call Us if you do need to know more information...


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