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Hospital Vending Machines FREE for Hospitals and Health Care Sites

Vending Machines Australia can offer Free vending machines for your Hospital or Health Care Centre.

We can provide your staff, your patients and your visitors with some healthy refreshment choices!

Hospital vending machines FREE for hospitals and health care sites.

Remember: Need healthy & comforting snack & drink options for your hospital or health care site.

FREE Supply and Servicing of hospital vending machines any where in Australia.

Free vending machines for workplaces businesses

Vending Machines Australia can offer FREE VENDING MACHINES... Call Us Now!

The highly competitive health care world has made the hospitals set higher standards including excellent customer satisfaction and more advanced health solutions.
Also this target has to be met within a challenging budget.
And Vending Machines Australia partners assures you a profitable return from sales from the machines, in a FREE complete vending services for your Hospital / Health Care Centre.

Vending Machines Australia not only provides you FREE supplied vending machines, offering healthier snacks and drinks but also gives you a vending service to meet the latest Health Care Guidelines as issued by the Australian Government.

Why put vending machines at Hospitals or Health Care sites?

Hospitals or health care centres reinforce a healthy image in the minds of patients, customers and staff.
And this image gets more TRUST factor when you add a healthy vending to your site.
The past few years have seen a tremendous growth in the use of vending machines in Australia.
Almost every hospital in the country is relying on a healthy vending machine solution.

The following points better explain why vending solutions in hospitals are a big hit:

A welcome treat for patients and visitors with refreshments
The vending machines operating in your hospital premises serve the visitors accompanying the patients.
It offers them a lot more than a mere cup of coffee. We have a vast array of products and that is ever increasing.
Protein Shakes, Hospital grade Protein shakes packed with vitamins and minerals in a bottle or in a cup from a Frozen drink vending machine.
Iced Coffees, Iced Chocolate, Banana Smoothie, Energy drinks with 24 % Caffeine... to frozen iced Peach Tease and even a Staminade for Revitalizing your thirst Re hydration.
The unattended vending machine works 24/7 to delivery or make on demand drinks to quench their thirst and satisfy their hunger even at the odd hours when the cafeteria is closed.

Revitalising Your Staff
Doctors, surgeons, nurses, administration, cleaners, orderlies. Every staff member in your hospital... needs quality break / rest time at frequent hours to keep them going.
And in odd hours your staff can use... vending machines to turn these breaks into a pick me up with the intake of coffee, energy drinks, cold drinks, or healthy snacks.

Healthy Eating for Staff, Patients and Visitors
By setting up healthy vending machines, you can even allow the patients to pick some hearty supplements like juices, healthy snacks, coffees both hot and cold, and other health boosting options that our machines can provide.

Vending Machines Australia has the right vending machine solution for you.

We have been in the vending industry for over 14 years, known in our industry as one of the most reliable and growing vending machine service providers, being affiliated with ALL the major vending machine importers and vending operators in and ALL over Australia.

Vending Machines Australia can offer your Hospital or Health care centre:

  • Wide range of refreshing products for hospital staff, patients and visitors
  • Well know brands of healthy snack and beverages
  • Your Choice of Products placed into machines
  • Balanced and customised selection of products
  • 24/7 Service refilling and assistance
  • Cashless and credit card payment solutions for staff,patients and visitors
  • A variety of hospital vending machines for usage, Coffee, Snacks, Drinks, Protein, Re hydration frozen drinks machines your choice
  • Health supplements products to comply with latest government health practices / policies
  • Happier Staff refreshed for their next shift... a increase in rate of staff productivity
  • Great Patient, staff and customer satisfaction
  • Generate additional Revenue for the Hospital or Health centre


FREE Supply and Servicing of hospital vending machines any where in Australia.
Vending Machines Australia can offer FREE VENDING MACHINES...Call Us Now!



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