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Have A Drink Vending Machine

People are always in need of a cold drink, especially on those hot days, so to have a drink vending machine at your workplace is always a good idea.

You will find drink vending machines in all types of places, businesses, shopping centres, hospitals and many more.

There are different types of cold drink vending machines.
You have vending machines that sell only cans, than you have ones that sell bottles only.
The other types of vending machines sell both cans and bottles from the one machine and you have combo vending machines which sell cold drinks as well as snacks.
There are also two delivery types of drink vending machines.
The first is the gravity style, where a gate opens and the drink drops down to the delivery door.
The other style of drink vending machine has a robotic arm, where the drink is picked up and delivers the drink through the delivery door.

You can store a variety of different drinks in these machines, soft drinks, juices, water or energy drinks.

The drinks are usually displayed through a glass panel on the front of the machine and the drinks are always dispensed cold and ready to quench the thirst.

Drink vending machines accept coins, notes and some now accept credit cards, this makes it much more convenient for the customer.


 Drink Vending Machines for Workplaces