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Cashless Vending Solutions for a Cashless Vending Machine


What is Cashless Vending Machine?

A cashless vending machine is a vending machine that does not need to accept physical money in coins or $$$ notes to be able to get a product from it.
So getting a cold drink, snack, coffee, cigarettes, flowers, ice or any other type of product from the machine is easy as 1,2,3... tap and go!

Vending Machines Australia have partnered with a leading technologies firm, Card Access Services (CAS) to deliver a complete end to end cashless vending solution for owner / operators of vending machines, stand alone kiosks and any unattended type machine or unit that requires the form of payment processing without the use of CASH.
A Card Reader is set up into a vending machine and thru electronics data is used with communication is transmitted to a Gateway.
This handles the information which is sent thru to thelLeading banks, which are capable of processing all major credit cards and able to accept ‘ tap and go ’ NFC (near Field Communication) payments (PayPass and Paywave) or Visa, Mastercard via your Bank.
In fact, any NFC or Stored Value Card can be used which makes this solution ideal for closed user groups such as mining communities who wish to move to a cashless system to reduce overheads.

Through the CAS merchant portal, vending owner operators can track purchases in real time, monitor single or multiple vending machines and access bank settlement reports, in conjunction with the vending back office system that provides detailed telemetry, email stock alerts, pick slips ( Stock re-ordering )and much more.
These features alone make it so much easier for stock ordering and refilling of their vending machines.
Banking is a thing of the past; your sales and transactions are done live and you can see the sales in your bank account within 24hrs.
A Cashless Vending Machine makes it easier for both the buyer of products from the machine as well as the owner of the machine.

Never having to have a OUT OF ORDER sign on the machine due to a coin jam or failure on the part of the coin mechanism.
No more reason for the Exact Change light to come on in the vending machine from running out of coins to give change.
Customers dont need to have any $$$ money on the... they just need their card
Removes security risks associated with keeping cash in vending machines.
Greatly reduces overheads and running costs by removing the need to keep topping up your machines for change (10c, 20c ,50,$1 & $2) in coins stocked in the coin changer giver in the vending machines.
This can save a vending operator $150-$180 kept in each vending machine... for which you never get interest on this money!
The vending machine using a card reader can use all major credit cards, debit cards thru contactless payments and proprietary NFC cards.
Real time monitoring and reporting

How does Cashless vending work?

1  Customer selects what they wish to purchase from the vending machine and presents their card for payment (swipe / tap or chip insert)
2  The transaction is sent to the CAS gateway for processing
3  CAS encrypts the transaction data and submits to the acquiring bank for real time authorisation of the credit card or debit card
4  Response is sent back to the vending machine and if bank approved, a product of your choice is then dispensed from the machine.
5  Real time transactions and settlement reporting is available via the CAS merchant portal in addition to detailed remote monitoring (telemetry), stock sales information, etc all from the Vending Management System.


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