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Vending Machine Transport: A Comprehensive Service


Vending Machine Transport offers a comprehensive service for the transportation and installation of vending machines in Sydney Metro.
Using experienced staff and specialized equipment... we ensure a smooth, efficient, and safe delivery to your Sydney site.


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Vending Machine Transport Pantech truck with tailgate loader to transport Vending machines


Vending Machine Transport is a specialized service that requires expertise and precision.
Our team of professionals are highly skilled and experienced in the pickup, the transportation and even the installation of vending machines.
All types of machines large or small.
We ensure a smooth, efficient, and safe delivery to your Sydney site.


Our Expert Team

Our team comprises seasoned professionals who have honed their skills in the field of "vending machine transport ".
Some of the team members have done well over 8000 x machine moves.
They are not just delivery drivers - they are specialists in handling vending machines.
Transporting vending machines is hard, heavy work as machines mainly weigh in at 300kg - 380kg empty.
Their experience extends beyond mere transportation to include installation, ensuring that your vending machine is ready to set up upon site position.


Our Equipment

We utilize a Pantech Truck for the transportation of vending machines. This way machines are safe and secured. Completely "Out of the weather rain, hail or shine"!
This type of truck is renowned for its durability and reliability, making it an ideal choice for transporting valuable equipment such as your vending machines.
In addition to Pantech trucks, we use narrow tinned pallet jacks... for the precise picking up and moving... plus final positioning of the delivered vending machine.
This tool allows us to maneuver the vending machine with ease, ensuring it is placed exactly where you or your site wants it.


Vending Machine Transport - Pantech truck with tailgate loader and vending machine loaded


Tailgate Loader Services

One of the key components of our vending machine transport service is our full tailgate loader services.
The tailgate loader is essential for the safe loading and unloading of the vending machine. We can pick-up or drop off to a carpark, a driveway, business doorway or workbay.
Our team is proficient in operating these loaders, and have forklift licences, ensuring that your vending machine is handled with the utmost care.


Lose a site ? Need to Remove your machine

or Has your Machine broken down and needs to be replaced with a better one?

Have you bought a vending machine and need it picked up, transported to a vending machine repair shop, and get it fully serviced before it goes onsite?
We can "Do it All... For you"

We offer vending machine repair technicians located in Sydney, who can fully check out and repair your vending machine, maybe to give it the "Health Check - Once Over "... to ensure ALL working correctly and perfectly... before it goes out onsite.  Click Here to find out more.


Vending machine moving and transportation, Vending Machine Repairs and Spares... all across to the Central Coast, Newcastle and Sydney Metro.

Do you have a machine that's old or totally broken and maybe you need it "Refurbished"
Turn NOT working into WORKING perfectly again. We can organise that also.


At Vending Machines Australia, we know how important "Vending Machine Transport" is, we pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive vending machine transport service in Sydney.
At this time we can only cover Sydney Metro, The Central Coast and Newcastle, NSW.
Fear not, plans are underway..of expanding into other states in Australia for " NATIONWIDE COVERAGE ".


From experienced staff to specialized equipment, we ensure that your vending machine is transported and installed with care and precision for delivery in Sydney Metro, Central Coast and Newcastle NSW.

Trust us for your vending machine transport needs.


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