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Vending Machines Australia is here to support you and also give you invaluable advice should you want to start your own vending machine business.

We are Australia's one stop online shop for vending machines and vending machine services or anything vending machine related in Australia.

In addition to advice and information, we can provide you with vending machines (new & used) and vending machine components (such as note readers, coin mechanisms, cashless systems, telemetry systems etc).

We can also provide you with locations to place your vending machines on.

Should you have an issue with a vending machine we can also provide you with a qualified vending machine technician to repair / service your vending machine.


Where to Start?

When starting your own vending machine business, one of the first things that you need to know is that the vending machine business is a 100% cash-only business with a nominal initial investment and does not require you to have had any previous selling experience of any sort.

Starting Your Vending Machine Business

Vending machines are available in various sizes and models.
Today almost anything can be sold through a vending machine.
Soft-drink cans and bottles, water, hot coffee, cold coffee, cigarettes, energy drinks, snacks, chips, chocolates, ice, chewing gum and even pop corn and ice cream.

With technology the way it increases every day ... mobile phones, mp3, iPods ... you name it a vending machine can sell it!

There are two basic types of vending machines.
The first type is the bulk vending machine and the second type is the full line vending machine.
The bulk vending can be represented by the standard lollie machine while the full line vending machine is more complex.
For a full line vending machine the types of products that can be sold are nearly endless.
From snacks to coffee and cold drinks, vending machines can provide a welcome oasis to those who use them.

For entrepreneurs who wish to invest in vending machines the profits can become extremely favourable.

The main consideration, as with most businesses, is location ... location ... location.

Providing a great vending service with a vending machine placed in a convenient spot in workshop or a factory, for example, can achieve a surprising amount of activity.
This is why finding a profitable location is the main focus of those who have decided to purchase a vending machine.
This can be a simple matter if you live in a nearby suburb and have already noticed a few possible vending locations that seem perfect for a vending machine.
If not, then there are services that can be provided by various reputable vending machine site locators.
In many instances, however, a particular location pretty much tells you what would work best in that area just by observing the people.
Having the best location for your vending machine will make your vending business work.

Making sure that the vending machine you buy has got a good reputation in the market will make your vending business work.
Maintaining your machine with fresh stock always will make your vending machine business work.
Servicing your machines regularly will also make your vending business work.

More and more individuals are taking an interest in starting up their own vending machine business.
The reason for this rests with the fact that the vending machine does most of the work!
There's no need to hire a workforce of staff and your efforts will mostly involve cleaning and re-stocking your machines.


There will be times when a vending vending technician will be required when you have a major breakdown ... like the refrigeration or control board issues.
As a general rule a vending technician will charge you a call out fee as well as for the repair ... this could depending on the repairs needed ... cost could be up to $1200

The true measure of vending machine success, however, is in determining the type of vending machines that meet the needs of a particular area or loaction.
Hot dry workplaces need drinks or ice vending machines.

Other advantages can be offering a vending service that offers free vending machines which are provided free by you and offer to restock the machine for them.

Sometimes finding a great site that has a high demand for snacks, drinks etc, and offering them a full drink & full snack vending machines will definately help your chances of winning the deal but sales still will depend on the location of the machine and the site's staff and visitor numbers.

You just might want to try this relatively simple method of earning a great profit.

As a vending machine operator you'll have the freedom that a self-managed vending business can provide while knowing that you're providing a valuable service to your customers!


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